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Our vision is to grow into an international community exchange program where U.S. families and students can get involved in sponsorship and travel to bond the long term effects of our commitment to the future of the world’s most forgotten children.

One Child at a Time, Inc. distinguishes itself from other non-profits by maintaining an intense emphasis on the following principles:

Our Principles

There are no paid positions. This allows us to deliver 100% of your donated funds directly. One Child At A Time, Inc. is strictly volunteer-based in global community activism. 

One Child At A Time, Inc. is creating a “follow through” model to develop skilled work programs at the site, and job programs within the community.

Individuals traveling to a project site cover their own expenses.

Personal presence is an extraordinary exchange in international community building.

On-the-ground interaction ensures that t​he funds are being used for the purpose of the project. 

In order to strengthen the impact of your donations for the children, we collaborate frequently with like-minded non-profits when building safe houses, vocation centers, providing food, clothing, furniture, basic medical needs, and equipment.

Our projects have ranged from community 

improvement and development to emergency relief actions. Read more about our past involvements here!

​Stay in tuned with One Child at a Time, Inc. and get involved!

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